Publish, don't perish!

In higher education’s charged, competitive environment, publishing is the cornerstone of a successful academic career. Faculty are expected to publish quality, peer-reviewed scholarship, yet receive little guidance on how to navigate the complex waters of scholarly publishing.


k+a develop and conduct workshops on scholarly publishing designed to equip faculty with the knowledge and tools to get published, and to help institutions raise their profile through improved publishing outcomes. Knowing what publishers want can save you time, improve your success rate, and give you and your institutions a competitive edge.

k+a workshops can cover a wide range of topics
tailored to an institution's needs:

  • assessing an institution’s existing publishing program

  • developing a long-term publishing strategy and identifying
    publishing opportunities

  • guidance on writing a book proposal and approaching publishers

  • publishing in scholarly journals

  • promoting your work

  • understanding contracts, royalties, and copyright

  • understanding the changes in the publishing industry

  • strategies and options in specific disciplines and contexts with
    unique needs

  • training for new journal or series editors

We also work with non-profit leadership and administrators to develop overarching publishing strategies -- blueprints -- for impact. We can help with crafting strategic responses to issues of specific interest, such as training for editors, increasing diversity in research, elevating the international profile of research, setting up new research initiatives like journals. While we focus on the humanities and social sciences, we cover a wide range of disciplines.

If you'd like to bring the workshop
 to your institution, contact us.